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Encouraging Customers To Engage More

With best business experience, HiveBox™ encourages its customers to interact and share the experience they get from the brands. With the unique customer-oriented features, we offer our customers to put their thoughts and experiences at one place so we can execute a strong bonding between brands and consumers.

We enable three pillars that contribute to the perceptions of service quality

VonPing is a Proprietary Marketplace from HiveBox for Business and Consumer

HiveBox™ Provides - Customer Engagement Marketplace App

Enabling consumers to connect and transact with multiple business from a single App, Launching limited edition Beta soon. Want to be notified? Please drop-in your email!

App will be available soon ...



With a huge marketplace model created by the HiveBox™, it will be extremely easy for you to get connected to your customer through omni channel. No hassles of physically reaching your customers via different channels. Service is delivered with a click.